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Making the Old New Again in Miami FL

pool builders If you already own a swimming pool but are not satisfied with its current state, then a pool renovation may be exactly what you need. A renovation can take an older pool and update parts or add features to make it feel like an entirely new pool. For example, a renovation may include adding on a waterfall to make your pool become more of an outdoor retreat. No matter how you choose to renovate your pool, our Miami pool contractors at Borluv Pools want help make it happen. With experience and passion, we can turn your pool into your dream outdoor space.

Top Reasons for Pool Renovation

There are several reasons that homeowners consider pool renovation. If you’re unhappy with the condition or look of your current pool, pool renovation is the perfect way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the comfort of your outdoor living spaces.

  1. Pool renovation is a great way to restore your pool to like-new condition. If your pool is suffering from wear or the materials are aged and outdated, pool renovation provides your pool with a much-needed update.
  2. Wear and damage can affect the function and safety of your pool, while older equipment may be inefficient and cost you more than necessary in terms of water and energy. Pool renovation allows will address damage and replace aging equipment so you can enjoy a beautiful and energy-efficient pool.
  3. Sometimes, homeowners find that their original pool design simply doesn’t meet their aesthetic desires or functional needs. Alternatively, you may have updated your yard and wish to change the look of your pool as well to match this new style. Pool renovation will give your pool a makeover by including the extra features you want and changing its style for better flow with the surrounding area.

Major Benefits of Pool Renovation

Repairs play an important part in maintaining the appearance and safety of swimming pools. However, sometimes repairs are not sufficient to address the issues your pool faces. Pool renovation may be the best solution to add value to your property and create the outdoor living space you deserve.

  • While repairs are great for small issues or cosmetic defects, they will not address larger underlying issues. An aging pool will often benefit more from renovation than continued repairs by giving it a fresh new start.
  • Continual pool repairs can be draining on your time and your budget. A single pool renovation project will help you save money over the long term by eliminating the issues causing problems and preventing the potential need for extensive—and expensive—repairs in the future.

Some renovations that are popular include:

  • Adding a waterfall
  • Changing a waterfall
  • Changing tile or coping and tile
  • Adding new features

No matter what the changes you wish to make, we can make them happen quickly. Contact us at ( 305) 302-5488 to let us know what your dream is and request a free estimate.

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